The hanging tomato (tomata de penjar) is a typical product of the town of Alcala de Xivert, differentiated with other kinds of tomatoes by their caliber, skin color, long shelf life (between 4 and 6 months) and mode handmade, sewn with thread and united in a string. The hanging tomato is a product that needs a special climate and salt water to produce, in this case to obtain a high quality can be grown in the coast area of ​​Alcala de Xivert. Within it highlights two climate that are best for their production, maintenance and quality areas (Alcossebre and Cap i Corp).

The hanging tomato (tomata de penjar) is harvested during the months of July to late September and, once collected, it is perfectly preserved until May. You need to keep it in a cool dry place, so once sales reach advise you not put it in the refrigerator and can keep their homes long enough to tasting. Mainly it used to spread on bread (pa amb tomaca), also grilled, fried or salad for discerning palates of a tomato.

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